Declutter Your Life While Helping Others

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If you’ve put off re-organizing and cleaning up your home because of how overwhelming the task seems, here is a motivation that may help. There are a variety of individuals and services that can make use of your old household items so you don’t have to just throw them away. Not only will you declutter your house, but you’ll be helping others. Here are a few ways that you can declutter your life and improve the lives of other people. Appliances If you have old stoves or refrigerators sitting in your garage, there are companies that will refurbish them and sell them at a discount. Many of these businesses will send a truck to your house and pick up the appliances. Smaller appliances, such as toasters and microwaves, are always appreciated as a donation at thrift stores. This way the appliance gets used instead of ending up in the landfill. Clothing Coats and sweaters are good items to donate to a thrift store. Your community may have coat donation programs which distribute them to people in need during the cold weather months. Shoes are also a good donation item. Some programs ship shoes overseas to needy communities. Children’s shoes are much appreciated by these programs. Linen Blankets and towels in good shape can be donated to thrift stores. Some local charities take blanket donations and distribute them to the homeless. Vehicles Connect with a local vehicle donation program like Action Donation Services to get rid of an old car or truck. It will be cleaned up and used by a non-profit organization in need of transportation. These programs will often come to your home to pick up the vehicle for you. Food Many cities have one or more food banks upon which people are dependent for groceries. Go through your kitchen cupboards and donate canned goods and box mixes that are still usable. Local organizations often hold food collection drives in the community. Firefighters and postal carriers are two such groups that often collect items for a local food bank. Pet Supplies Perhaps you have an extra dog bed or cat food dishes. Or you have a bird cage for a pet bird no longer with you. These can be given to local pet shelters to support their “guests” waiting to be adopted. There are also local programs that seek out homeless individuals and give them items to help them take care of their...

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Drug Treatment Centers In Church Outreach Programs: Why They May Work Better For You

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Churches have always had missions that think and act globally. Usually, they address poverty concerns (e.g., food, clean water, clothing, medicines and medical supplies, etc.) along with encouraging conversion to Christianity. Now some churches have begun to address addictions too. They are building drug treatment centers at home and abroad as an extension of the Christian work they already do. If you have tried other drug rehab programs with mixed results, maybe it is time to try a faith-based drug treatment center. Here is why it may work better for you. Medical Science Cannot Treat the Soul Most secular drug treatment centers can treat the physical, mental and emotional causes and issues of drug addiction, but they cannot treat the soul. Faith-based centers recognize that people have an intangible part of their beings that needs treatment along with the rest of the body and mind. Based upon that fact, these centers offer prayer as a guiding force and strength-building step in their programs. You may find that when your soul is treated along with the rest of your person, you have enough faith and willpower to refuse temptation, and you can honestly accept responsibility for your choices and actions. Prayer Helps Many Get Past the Rough Parts People who have faith in God or gods often turn to prayer when things get rough. You may feel an emotional release during prayer as a result. You may also feel as though you are giving some great trouble up to a higher power to resolve for you, and by praying through it, you can get past it. The act of prayer builds your faith, and when you build your faith, you feel stronger and more confident in the idea that “this [hardship, temptation] too shall pass.” Reaching out After You Leave the Center While traditional drug treatment centers often have sponsors that outpatients can turn to for added support, faith-based centers provide you with more than just one person to talk to. You have God to pray to, you have a sponsor and you have several church members who would be willing to meet, talk and pray with you when you encounter a really difficult and tempting moment. Many of these people are also willing to pray with you right over the phone, which may prove to be very encouraging and emotionally supporting. Since churches, church leaders and church members are everywhere, you have a vast support network who can provide you with more than just humanitarian services. Contact an organization, such as the Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities, for more information.  ...

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How To Choose A Nonprofit To Donate To

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When you are choosing a nonprofit or charity organization to which you are going to give your money, you are going to want to make sure that your money is going to do the most good possible. However, the amount of good an organization does can be entirely subjective. Here are some tips for making sure that the money that you donate goes as far as possible in your eyes. 1. Donate to a Cause You Care About This is perhaps the most obvious piece of advice, but it’s also sometimes one of the more ignored tips. You want to make sure that you donate to a cause that truly matters to you, rather than the cause that is currently popular. If you donate to a cause that you aren’t enthusiastic about, then you aren’t going to be following the progress of that cause, making the entire donation process less rewarding for you. This will cause you to be less likely to donate in the future or to switch to another cause. If you give more money to an organization, then there’s a better chance that they will be able to do more and by switching the group to which you are donating, you are diverting resources and making your overall donations less effective. 2. Donate to a Cause that Quantifies Their Work Some charities and nonprofits do work that is difficult to quantify. For example, organizations that research cancer have a hard time quantifying how close they are to finding a cure. If you don’t care about the practical amount of work that your money is doing, then this is totally fine. If you do care, then you might want to choose an organization that is able to tell you exactly what your money is going to cover or how many people they are able to help per year. For example, one organization fixes cleft pallets and will be able to tell you how many operations your donations will cover. 3. Donate to a Cause that Allows You Participate on a More Hands-On Level Finally, if you to be personally connected to the cause to which you are donating, look for a cause that will allow you to participate on a more hands-on level. For example, sponsoring a child in a developing country could allow you to write letters to the child and send them gifts, along with the money that you donate each month. This could make the donation process much more rewarding. For more information, explore your options with at a site like American...

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