If you want to invest in the community, it's time to get involved in transitional housing. Transitional housing is a great way to give back to the community. This is especially true when you provide incarceration transitional housing. Not sure what incarceration transitional housing is? Incarceration transitional housing provides housing for people who are getting released from prison. Many former inmates don't have access to housing once they leave prison. That's why transitional housing is so important. If you're not sure how transitional housing can help your community, read the list provided below. Here are four reasons to invest in transitional housing for those who are leaving prison.  

Ensure Access to Services

When former inmates leave prison, they often don't have access to the services they need. Some of those services include drug and alcohol treatment, vocational training, and employment opportunities. Unfortunately, without those services, former inmates have little chance of success.

That's where transitional housing comes into the picture. Transitional housing ensures that former inmates have access to the services they need as soon as they leave prison. That way, they have the tools they need to become productive members of the community. 

Prevent Repeat Offenses

If you're looking for a way to help the community, transitional housing is a good place to start. Without transitional housing, many ex-inmates will get sent back to prison. Recidivism rates are going down in the United States. But, the rates are still high. In Delaware, the recidivism rate is almost 65%.

That means almost 65% of ex-convicts will return to prison at some point. Many people return to prison because they can't find adequate housing after being released from prison. That's where transitional housing comes into the picture. Transitional housing gives ex-convicts a place to live while they complete their parole requirements. 

Create Support System

If you want to invest in a meaningful project, now's the time to invest in transitional housing. When you invest in transitional housing, you'll help people who have been released from prison. Many people have no active support system once they leave prison. Transitional housing gives people the opportunity to create the support systems they need for success. That's because they'll be living with other people who are trying to reenter society too. 

Reduce Homelessness

If you're ready to help people get back on their feet, invest in transitional housing. You might not know this, but transitional housing helps reduce the homeless population in your community. Many people end up on the street once they leave prison.

That's because inmates lose close friends and family once they become incarcerated. That means they have nowhere to go once they leave the prison system. You can help reduce the homeless population by providing transitional housing for those who have been incarcerated.